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Infosec Launches New Office Comedy Themed Security Awareness Training Series



Work Bytes offers short, entertaining and useful trainings on today’s most common cybersecurity threats

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Infosec Institute, a leading cybersecurity education provider and part of Cengage Group, today announced the launch of a new security awareness training series titled, “Work Bytes” for Infosec IQ, a security awareness and training platform that empowers employees with the knowledge and skills to reduce their cyber risk. Work Bytes fills the void often seen with other cybersecurity training – the content is concise and entertaining, but most importantly it helps employees retain the information they’ve learned, ensuring a more knowledgeable and security-aware workforce.


Set in the backdrop of a hilarious office comedy, Work Bytes features a colorful cast of creative characters, including vampires, pirates, aliens, and zombies. These fantastical and unlikely co-workers encounter and navigate today’s most common and complex cybersecurity threats from phishing emails to social engineering scams.

Cybersecurity threats are more prevalent than ever, and the reality is that employees are the biggest risk factor within an organization, but they can also be an organization’s biggest asset with the right training. In fact, 82% of data breaches involve a human element. Aside from the major reputational damage that accompanies a data breach, business continuity post-breach is also greatly affected with experts predicting that by 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements.

“Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving so the way companies train employees to recognize, navigate and deter these threats must change, too,” said Jim Chilton, GM for Infosec and CTO of Cengage Group. “Lengthy, time-consuming, and stale trainings result in low engagement and a low retention of information which poses a massive risk for businesses. Our award-winning team has researched, developed, and brought to market a fresh content training series that educates, entertains, and engages today’s learners so that they don’t just ‘check the box,’ but begin building a strong, always-vigilant cybersecurity culture.”

The Work Bytes training series is just the latest addition to Infosec IQ’s content library where it joins five other award-winning training series including the highly acclaimed “Choose Your Own Adventure® Security Awareness Games.”  One of the key benefits of Infosec IQ and its training platform is the opportunity to choose the type of content that resonates most with a company’s culture and employee base. Offering personalized and tailored cybersecurity training ensures security knowledge and awareness – because cybersecurity needs everyone.

For more information on Infosec IQ and the Work Bytes series visit or watch the trailer here.

About Infosec

Infosec, part of Cengage Group, is a leading cybersecurity education provider helping IT and security professionals advance their careers and empowering employees to be cyber-safe at work and home. Its mission is to equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to confidently outsmart cybercrime. More than 70% of the Fortune 500 have relied on Infosec Skills to develop their security talent and teams, and more than 5 million learners worldwide are more cyber-resilient from Infosec IQ’s security awareness and phishing training.

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SOURCE Infosec Institute, part of Cengage Group

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Earth Hour 2023: SANY Accentuates Electrification Development, Promoting Hydrogen Roadmap to Build Green Future




BEIJING, March 24, 2023 /CNW/–Millions of people worldwide will switch off for Earth Hour on March 25 to join one of the world’s largest movements for environmental protection. SANY Group (“SANY”), a world-leading heavy machinery manufacturer, is addressing the global climate challenges and its commitment to the planet through advancing electrification development, through the promotion of a hydrogen energy utilization roadmap.

The climate crisis has catalyzed the global transition to clean and new energy. Though electric vehicles are becoming mainstream, energy transformation is still bounded by environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels. To free itself from this dependency, SANY is paving new paths through scientific research.

Green and beyond: SANY’s hydrogen roadmap to power a clean future

SANY has set an ambitious goal to become China’s largest provider of integrated hydrogen solutions in five years and lead global industry transformation, and it is laying out a comprehensive hydrogen industry chain covering green production, storage, transportation and refueling equipment.

The group’s hydrogen energy subsidiary, SANY Hydrogen, will focus on elevating core technological innovation and achieving a closed supply chain across the entire industry ecosystem to support China’s 2030/2060 “Dual Carbon” goals.

In March, SANY Hydrogen signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Guangtai Hydrogen Energy for the first 2,000kg hydrogen refueling station in Shanghai, leveraging SANY’s technological strengths to supply Guangtai Hydrogen Energy’s logistics vehicle operation layout and hydrogen refueling energy demand.

The station plans to install three units of 35MPa dual-metering hydrogen dispensers with an average hydrogen refueling speed of 2kg/min. Upon completion, it will meet the hydrogen refueling demand of 300 logistic vehicles of different tonnages and support Guangtai Hydrogen Energy’s cold-chain logistics operations in the Yangtze River Delta region.

The explosion-proof level of the station will reach IICT4, with excelling safety measures including automatic control of the hydrogenation process, hydrogen leak detection, alarm and shutdown to ensure worry-free operation, especially with environments of a temperature span from -20 to 55 degrees Celsius.

In 2020, SANY rolled out the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell mixer truck and dump truck in its Lighthouse factory in Shaoyang, marking the group’s first step into the “era of hydrogen.” In 2022, SANY established the first integrated station of hydrogen production and hydrogenation in Hunan Province, and delivered the first batch of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks to the city of Yueyang.

Electrified highway: anchoring the future of heavy-load highway freight

China’s first electrified highway demonstration line, co-constructed by SANY, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute and Tsinghua University, was recently completed in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. The milestone project opens up a new path for heavy-load highway freight.

SANY has designed, developed and manufactured the vehicles as well as the core systems, owning full intellectual property rights.

The demonstration line is two-way and two-lane with 7-meter road width, it has set up 53 pillars and one box-type substation to support the 1.8-kilometer contact grid. The electrified highway provides a wide range of road condition scenarios for testing vehicle performance, including ramps, bumpy, waded and drenched roads.

With an overhead contact network similar to rail transit, the electrified highway is directly powered by the grid above to realize “charging while driving.” Compared to pure electric heavy trucks that run on power batteries, the new vehicle can prevent low temperature effects while increasing energy efficiency by 6 percent.

As Earth Hour brings attention to climate change, SANY is committed to addressing these challenges with concrete actions and pushing forward the development of its hydrogen energy portfolio to build a greener future for the planet.



Contact Info:
Sales Hotline: +86-731-85835199


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Carium Enhances Care Experience Platform with Customizable Care Pathways




Carium also plans future release of developer stack, enabling further customization

PETALUMA, Calif., March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Carium, a Care Experience Platform (CXP), is now offering extensive customization enhancements through its Care Pathways implementations.


Carium enhances care experience platform with customizable care pathways and announces Carium for Developers.

After working with customers to identify the manual workflows driving patient adherence, care team task management and other aspects of their care experience, Carium develops Care Pathways to automate these clinical or operational workflows and make them repeatable.

By tying multiple tools together through these automated pathways, Carium helps customers tap into the full potential of the platform’s broad functionality and seamless integration, improving visibility, flexibility and accessibility for providers and patients.

“Many solutions on the market today offer a solid out-of-the-box experience but limited room for growth, while others require significant, long-term customer development to deliver results,” says Scott Pradels, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Carium. “We designed Carium to be the best of both worlds—a robust suite of tools to meet immediate needs and a broad platform that scales to support your digital transformation.”

Care Pathways are powered by Carium’s highly configurable orchestration layer, with comprehensive APIs, custom alerting and analytics, and low-code/no-code workflows opening the door to limitless possibilities.

“Our platform is fully driven by APIs and microservices, making it easy for customers to integrate new devices and push/pull data from external sources like EHRs,” says Jessica Shandrowski, Vice President of Product & Customer Success at Carium. “These are the differentiators between a solution that improves patient adherence and operational efficiency—and one that only increases administrative burden for patients and providers.”

These configurable components will enable further customization when Carium makes its developer stack, Carium for Developers, available in a future release. By empowering customers and their development teams to iterate themselves and scale with their needs, Carium will encourage further innovation and evolution of its platform.

“We’ve made a strong commitment to support customer development, and we are working to deliver consumable documentation and an easy-to-use interface that mitigates risk,” says Eko Prasetya, Vice President of Engineering at Carium. “We want to ensure that customers will be able to confidently iterate as safely and easily as we do.”

With its comprehensive out-of-the-box product, light self-service UI personalization, Care Pathways and Carium for Developers, Carium will offer four flexible layers of support for every phase of its customers’ virtual care roadmap.

For further insight into Carium’s development process, read their recently published article Delivering Better Software, Faster.

About Carium
Carium is a Care Experience Platform (CXP) delivering the next generation of advanced virtual care technology. Within one, complete technology ecosystem, the end-to-end care journey – no matter how complex – is person-centric, proactive, and efficient for care teams and the people they serve. Visit us to learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Contact: Ashley Dauwer

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Work Anywhere, Do Everything with Dell




Whether it’s hybrid, remote, flexible or in-office, how we work and where it happens today is different for everyone.

ROUND ROCK, Texas, March 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Let’s face it, how we work and where we work today is different for everyone. Whether it’s hybrid work, remote work, flexible work or in-office work, one thing is fundamentally consistent: technology. It is the great equalizer driving collaboration and productivity, providing new experiences of flexibility and freedom.

While today many can work from anywhere, there are still limitations hindering our work experiences. Solving for these challenges sits at the core of our design philosophy and represents the innovations in our commercial portfolio. It spans from the device to the ecosystem to the software and solutions that bring an elevated sense of connection and collaboration.

Already known as the world’s most intelligent1 and secure commercial PCs,2 we’ve updated our commercial portfolio with new designs, new collaboration features and new levels of performance. In addition to our laptops and workstations, we’ve simplified our desktop portfolio, added another breathtaking monitor and extended intelligence to the entire PC ecosystem. Throughout it all, we’re thinking about sustainability, security, manageability and service offerings to help ensure businesses can meet their goals and free up the day-to-day burden on IT departments.  

Enhancing the device
From the phones we use to the cars we drive, technology complements who we are in the world. The same can be said about the PCs we use for work. People not only want commercial devices with reliable performance for on-the-go productivity and seamless collaboration, but they also want devices that complement their style and design aesthetic. Let’s break down how these areas show up in our new offerings.

Latitude. We’ve poured a ton of innovation and purposeful, detailed design into these laptops, advanced audio and video collaboration features, sustainable materials and battery-saving mini-LED keyboard technology. Read more about these stunning devices and the rest of our new Latitude portfolio here.

Our ultra-premium Latitude 9440 is the world’s most collaborative commercial PC3 built with design inspiration from our XPS line. Perfect for an executive, consultant or salesperson, it’s equipped with the world’s first haptic collaboration touchpad4 for a more immersive, customizable conferencing experience. The two-in-one includes recycled and machined aluminum for a premium look and feel, and a stunning new keyboard with wider keys with no gaps, known as zero-lattice, that makes all day working comfortable.You can easily pop one of the Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralights in your bag as you move between meetings. Both start at just under/over one kilogram – they are surprisingly light yet durable. We haven’t sacrificed features either. Each has a 16:10 display and 5MP camera for a productive workspace with mobile convenience.

Precision. Creators, designers, engineers and other specialized power users have their own demands. They prioritize performance and graphics capabilities to run graphic intensive applications and software, while in the office, studio or on the move. We’re delivering new enhancements across our Precision mobile and fixed workstations – including the latest Intel 13th Gen® Core™ processors and NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPUs – to meet these needs.

Last year we introduced a 14-inch workstation that delivered unrivaled power. This year the Precision 5480 features performance improvements from processor to graphics card and beyond. But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve added a 16-inch mobile workstation to our 5000 Series line-up. The Precision 5680 has the smallest 16-inch footprint in the world,5 but packs an amazing punch, with up to Intel® Core™ i9 (45W) and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory with the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada graphics Generation Laptop GPU. It offers even more power and immersive experiences with the 16:10 display and up to UHD+ with PremierColor in a stylish, lightweight package. Read more about our new Precision workstations here.

OptiPlex. Three decades of continuous desktop innovation have led us to a new OptiPlex portfolio. We’ve listened to customer feedback and it’s now easier than ever to configure, purchase and manage. We’ve simplified the portfolio so customers can quickly identify the system based on workspace and performance needs. For example, select between space-conscious designs and minimalist desk set-ups with a range of performance options, or prioritize the expandability and performance of a desktop tower.

We’ve also made the portfolio more intelligent and easier for IT admins to manage multiple or even thousands of devices with a new single BIOS setup, freeing up valuable IT time. Read more about the new OptiPlex portfolio here, including our standout product, the OptiPlex All-in-One that features comfort and style in a sleek design and comes with built-in collaboration, security and privacy features.

A branching ecosystem
A modern work setup requires both software and ecosystem solutions around the PC so that we can efficiently maximize our productivity.

Imagine a super ultrawide screen – a 49-inch dual QHD curved monitor that allows you to split your display into two 27-inch QHD partitions – without the bezel in between for even more virtually seamless multitasking. That’s just what our new Dell UltraSharp 49 Curved USB-C Hub Monitor is designed to do. With financial traders, engineers and data analysts in mind for multiscreen productivity, you can connect and display content from two PCs simultaneously to one monitor. The 2000:1 contrast ratio IPS Black panel technology offers two times more color contrast than conventional IPS over a wide viewing angle. The USB-C hub monitor provides an array of connectivity options that powers your laptop up to 90W and delivers 2.5GbE connection via the built-in Ethernet port. Lastly, the monitor also features ComfortView Plus for enhanced eye comfort and the integrated pop-out feature provides easy access to ports so you can connect your external devices easily.

We can’t overlook software. We are adding to Dell Optimizer’s existing features, such as intelligent audio, privacy, connectivity and collaboration that learn and respond to the way you work. Our customers told us the fewer applications to pull up and sift through, the better. That’s why our latest version of Dell Optimizer extends intelligence from the PC to the rest of your ecosystem. It allows you to manage your displays and peripherals more easily in one interface. We are also improving our intelligent audio capabilities on our PCs. The echo canceling feature cancels out distracting echoes for everyone on the call, and voice quality monitoring notifies you with a pop-up when your voice quality is poor.

Catered to IT and beyond
Let’s shift to some of the features that will matter most to IT decision-makers. Our conversations with customers consistently focus on how Dell can help them reach their sustainability goals, enable secure hybrid work amidst growing cyberattack threats, and simplify and reduce the burden on overwhelmed IT departments. In fact, 45% of ITDMs don’t have peace of mind their people can securely work from anywhere.6 We are constantly looking at ways to modernize and meet our customers in these crucial areas.

Sustainability. Dell continues to innovate and invest in sustainable design across our products and packaging. We’re expanding the use of low-carbon emissions aluminum to include more recycled content and extending this material to more of our portfolio, including the Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, and to our Latitude 7000 series later this year. We’ve increased the percentage of post-consumer recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact further in our most sustainable Latitude laptop series,7,8 our Precision 3000 workstations9 and our latest commercial monitors.10 Plus, “Quiet Mode” within our thermal management settings of Dell Optimizer can provide up to 18% in power savings.11

Security and manageability: Focused on delivering the industry’s most secure commercial PCs12 and creating a trusted workspace with hardware and software protections, our recent security announcement highlights new services and solutions. This includes a collaboration with CrowdStrike to offer customers more choice in cybersecurity software, a hardware supply chain security offering that provides additional assurances that PCs arrived as they were ordered as well as a managed detection and response service to help customers safeguard IT environments. We’re also making our devices as easy as possible to manage, deploy and use.

Data and Device Management. Today we’re introducing Dell APEX Managed Device Service. For a monthly fee per device, small and medium businesses can transfer the burden of IT support to Dell, and instead focus on their business. Additionally, our latest commercial devices are compatible with Dell’s Cloud Client Workspace software. IT admins can seamlessly and securely integrate PCs into their VDI environment and manage their fleet of devices more easily.

Learn More About Dell’s New Commercial Lineup
Check out the complete press kit including our pricing and availability guide. Price is an average starting point and can be lowered by ordering higher quantities through a Dell Sales team member.

1 Based on Dell analysis, November 2022. Dell Optimizer is the AI-based optimization software for commercial PCs and MyDell is the AI-based optimization software for consumer and small business PCs. Dell Optimizer is not available in OptiPlex 3000 series, Latitude Chromebook Enterprise, and Linux-based devices. MyDell is only available on new Inspiron, Vostro and XPS PCs beginning in 2023, as well as select models from 2021 and 2022. MyDell is not available on Alienware PCs. Feature availability and functionality may vary by model. For more details, visit Dell Optimizer Availability Matrix and MyDell Feature Availability Matrix.
2 Based on Dell analysis, September 2022.
3 Based on Dell Analysis, October 2022.
4 Based on Dell Analysis, October 2022.
5 Based on analysis of Dell 16″ mobile workstation 5680 vs HP Zbook Studio G9, Lenovo Gen4 and Apple Macbook Pro 16, Feb 2023.
6Dell Technologies Innovation Index, February 2023.
7 Based on Dell internal analysis, January 2023.
8 Our new Latitude 5000 series is our highest-volume PC.
9 The new Precision 3000 series (3480, 3580, 3581) are designed with the world’s greatest variety and most innovative use of sustainable materials, featuring components made with recycled plastics, recycled carbon fiber, renewable materials, ocean bound plastics and recycled copper. Based on internal analysis, January 2023.
10 Commercial monitors contain up to 85% PCR plastics and 90% recycled aluminum, an increase from before. Up to 85% PCR applicable to: Based on internal analysis, October 2022. Applicable to all new UltraSharp, P and C Series (excluding C1422H) monitors launching from CY2021. Up to 90% aluminum applicable to: Based on internal analysis, October 2022. Applicable to all new Ultrasharp (excluding U2723QE/QX, U3023E) P and C series launching from CY2022.
11 This is based on a Dell internal study, testing power and performance within our Dell Optimizer power module. White paper published November 2022.
12 Based on Dell internal analysis, September 2022. Not all features available with all PCs. Additional purchase required for some features. 

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