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Evan-Moor Educational Publishers Announces Back-to-School Curriculum Package for Educators



Evan-Moor’s digital and printable lesson library, TeacherFileBox, provides schools with discounted teacher subscriptions, plus a bonus $500 product credit for additional student resources, with this September back-to-school special offer.

MONTEREY, Calif., Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, a leading publisher of PreK–8 educational materials for the classroom and home, is thrilled to announce an exclusive limited-time offer on their digital subscription service, TeacherFileBox printables. Evan-Moor’s unique digital and printable lesson library can help teachers, resource specialists, special education teachers, and homeschoolers across the nation deliver personalized learning experiences throughout the school year. For a limited time, new TeacherFileBox subscribers are eligible to receive a $500 (school) or $100 (individual) Evan-Moor product credit for additional student books and resources. Ideal for elementary teachers and homeschooling families, Evan-Moor’s back-to-school package helps educators enrich their curriculum, save valuable time, and boost student engagement!

Our goal is to provide award-winning digital and printable educational resources at an affordable price.

TeacherFileBox Back-to-School Special
First-time TeacherFileBox subscribers may be eligible to receive a $500 or $100 Evan-Moor product credit with the purchase of a school or individual subscription! Individual annual subscriptions ($129.99) will receive a $100 Evan-Moor product credit. School purchases of 10 or more (new) annual TeacherFileBox subscriptions are eligible to receive a $500 Evan-Moor product credit. School subscriptions are discounted based on volume, $51.97 each for 10-30 and $45.49 each for 31–99 subscriptions.

The bonus Evan-Moor product credit can be applied to a future purchase of Daily Practice student books, Skill Sharpeners activity books, teaching resources (print or e-book), and more. It’s a win-win for a variety of differentiated lessons and formats that contribute to a successful school year. View school pricing and more details here. This limited-time offer ends September 30, 2023. Learn more about this back-to-school TeacherFileBox offer here.

“Our goal is to provide award-winning digital and printable educational resources at an affordable price. TeacherFileBox is designed to inspire and support educators in creating dynamic learning experiences for their students across grade levels and learning modalities, with an amazing lesson library at their fingertips.”
Judy Harris, President and CEO of Evan-Moor Educational Publishers

About TeacherFileBox
TeacherFileBox provides schools, classroom teachers, pull-out specialists, and homeschool families exclusive access to an extensive curriculum with over 80,000 Evan-Moor lessons and activities for grades PreK–6+. This comprehensive selection of lesson units and printables includes subject areas such as language arts, mathematics, reading, financial literacy, science, STEM/STEAM, history, geography, art, handwriting, SEL, and more.

TeacherFileBox includes early learning activities that incorporate the alphabet, phonics, math, spelling, language, writing, geography, and science. Also available is a complete English Language Arts curriculum for grades 1–6 that includes reading, reading comprehension, language, spelling, writing, and vocabulary. In addition to English Language Arts, in-depth math teaching units include algebraic thinking, financial concepts and money, measurement, data, and more. TeacherFileBox also contains a robust science curriculum that includes earth and space, life science, engineering, design, technology, and physical science. Plus, a hands-on social studies curriculum with history, geography, and cultures.

Subscribers can print activities, project lessons onto a screen, or share lessons to their Google Classroom. For more information about TeacherFileBox, please visit

Learn more about subscription options and the 14-day free trial here:

About Evan-Moor Educational Publishers
Evan-Moor’s mission is clear and unwavering: to help children learn. As a team of educators, we are dedicated to providing teachers and parents with innovative supplemental resources for grades PreK–8 that are easy to use and accessible in a variety of formats and learning modalities, including print books, e-books, and an affordable digital subscription, TeacherFileBox. We are proud to partner with educators and parents around the world and to be a part of students’ academic journeys. Learn more about Evan-Moor at

Media Contact

Theresa Wooler, Evan-Moor Educational Publishers, 1 800-777-4362 116,,

Twitter, LinkedIn

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ReconArt completes API integration with Mambu, further enhancing its reconciliation solution for fintech, banking, and financial services clients




ReconArt, a leading account reconciliation and financial close management solution provider, has developed and launched API connectors with Mambu, top SaaS core banking system, to deliver superb end-to-end automated reconciliations for joint customers in the fintech, banking and financial services segments.

ARLINGTON, VA., Oct. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — ReconArt Inc. (, a vendor of automated data reconciliation and period-end accounting solutions, is pleased to announce that it has integrated its offering with Mambu. Mambu is a cloud-native, API-driven banking and financial services platform, and the integration with ReconArt will increase the speed and efficiency of critical account reconciliation processes.

The seamless integration between ReconArt and Mambu equips our shared customer base with a streamlined, risk-mitigating experience bypassing the challenges and vulnerabilities of manual account reconciliation to create meaningful operational efficiencies.

As part of a pilot project delivered for Platcorp Holdings Limited, a joint customer, the automated orchestration of data transfers and scheduled jobs within ReconArt has been introduced. Transaction data from internal accounts now flows hands-free into ReconArt, with direct GL integration into the Mambu environment established via Mambu’s API for automated item transfer. The transition from file-based integration to system-to-system communication allows for the highest level of automation of daily bank reconciliation processes.

ReconArt carried out the integration project in close collaboration with our long-standing client Platcorp, a distinguished lending and microfinancing institution in East Africa. Platcorp adopted ReconArt nearly a decade ago to underpin its expanding SME lending operations in several East African nations. Mambu’s version 2 API has been leveraged to export custom columns from the Mambu environment into the ReconArt module for transaction matching.

ReconArt has utilized the ReconArt Data Factory (RDF) extension to automate the pull jobs on a custom schedule. While the ReconArt import module maps, enriches and imports banking data for reconciliation purposes, the RDF features complement the reconciliation platform, empowering users to further configure automated data updates independently. RDF serves as an integration layer that coordinates transfers from multiple banking data providers, starting with the main internal source – the Mambu general ledger. The automated management of numerous internal and external data streams and system connections creates immense value for accounting teams in their daily reconciliation responsibilities.

Ivan Popov, Chief Technology Officer at ReconArt, comments:

“As ReconArt’s CTO, I see a compelling intersection between agile SaaS banking platforms like Mambu and our own enterprise-level reconciliation solutions. This collaboration opens doors for an even larger community to expedite and simplify their critical reconciliation functions.

The seamless interplay between ReconArt and Mambu equips our shared customer base with a streamlined, risk-mitigating experience, bypassing the challenges and vulnerabilities of manual reconciliation. In an industry like banking and financial services where the bar for system compatibility and efficiency is exceptionally high, we’re confident that the ReconArt-Mambu integration will create meaningful operational efficiencies. This achievement is in direct alignment with ReconArt’s core mission, which is to increase the dependability and accessibility of financial data through state-of-the-art reconciliation technology.”

ReconArt remains dedicated to continuous product reinvestment and solution enhancements inspired by user recommendations. The company actively solicits client feedback and implements it in its product evolution roadmap, which has propelled the reconciliation platform to market success. Partner integrations, like this one with Mambu, have the potential to benefit innovative digital banking pioneers, which see great value in joint offerings aligned with their objectives for intensive growth and agility.

About Mambu

Mambu is a cloud native SaaS core banking platform that enables omnichannel banking with digital first approach. Mambu has 280+ customers in 65 countries. Since 2011, Mambu serves industry segment such as neobanks, fintechs, microfinancing institutions, financial services providers, etc. providing for them flexible, scalable, robust cloud infrastructure that secures agility and speed to roll out new products and services to previously underserved or unserviceable markets.

About PlatCorp

Premier Credit Limited, part of Platcorp, is a microfinance company established in 2013 to provide credit only financial solutions to small and microfinance entrepreneurs in East Africa. Established by industry veterans with over fifteen years’ experience, Premier launched initially in Kenya. The company’s successful growth is now seeing it expand operations into Uganda and Tanzania and Premier Credit now encompasses three different entities.

About ReconArt

ReconArt is a US based, single-solution technology company solely dedicated to the niche reconciliation space. ReconArt offers an enterprise class, fully web-based solution designed for end-to-end automation and management of all data reconciliation processes. The ReconArt account reconciliation and financial close management platform incorporates a decade of professional experience in the field and good practices serving a global client base of all verticals and sizes.

For more information contact:

ReconArt, Inc.

6462 Little River Turnpike

Alexandria VA 22312-1411

United States

1-855-RECONART (Toll Free)

Media Contact

Marketing team, ReconArt, Inc., 1 571-210-2444,,

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SOURCE ReconArt, Inc.

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Edelweiss Coffee in Iron Mountain, Michigan Celebrates 19 Years of Growth with Support from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea




Edelweiss Coffee, an independent coffee shop in Iron Mountain, Michigan, is celebrating 19 years of continuous growth. Owners Jenni and Tom Wender attribute part of their success to support from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, an award-winning coffee roaster and coffee business consultant.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Sept. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Coffee entrepreneurs Jenni and Tom Wender are celebrating 19 years of success as owners of Edelweiss Coffee in Iron Mountain, Michigan. This independent coffee shop is renowned for its distinct drive-thru-only setup and coffee that always satisfies.

“I would absolutely refer Crimson Cup to anyone opening a coffee shop. The product and training have met or exceeded any expectations I ever had. The support was unexpected and has been extremely helpful to me over the past 19 years. ” – Jenni Wender, Eidelweiss Coffee, Iron Mountain, Michigan

“We focus on providing the highest quality products at competitive prices,” said Tom Wender. “We’re the place where quality meets quick service.”

Jenni Wender said the couple has built their success on doing things the right way for the right reasons. “It’s a blend of exceptional customer service and serving a top-notch drink. Our customers may pop by for just a moment, but in that time, we strive to give them the best. We’re always bustling, always caffeinated, always ready!”

The Wenders opened Edelweiss Coffee at 201 Ridge View in Iron Mountain in August 2004. They attribute the shop’s continuing success to its unique operation and support from Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, an award-winning coffee roaster and coffee business consultant.

“We are thrilled to celebrate Edelweiss Coffee’s 19th anniversary and the incredible journey they have had,” said Crimson Cup Founder & President Greg Ubert. “It has been an honor to support Jenni, Tom, and their team every step of the way. We are committed to empowering independent coffee shops and sharing our passion for exceptional coffee.”

Ubert set up the company’s 7 Steps to Success program to teach entrepreneurs with little or no coffee experience how to open a coffee shop.

Based on his book, 7 Steps to Success: A Commonsense Guide to Succeed in Specialty Coffee, the program has helped over 300 entrepreneurs in 30 states start and run independent coffee shops serving their local communities. Many Crimson Cup customers like the Wenders have been thriving for 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years after opening.

7 Steps coffee shop startup consultants assist entrepreneurs in everything from writing a coffee shop business plan to training employees and marketing to attract new customers.

“I would absolutely refer Crimson Cup to anyone opening a coffee shop,” Jenni said. “The product and training have met or exceeded any expectations I ever had.”

“The support was unexpected and has been extremely helpful to me over the past 19 years. Whether I need help with equipment or how to prepare a beverage, Crimson Cup has already done it and can help me.”

“The coffee is the best,” she added. “Customers tell us all the time, ours is the best coffee they’ve had, and significantly better than chain store coffee! If they are visitors, they make sure they get our coffee when they’re in town. College students can’t wait to get back to Edelweiss. And our regular customers are the most loyal of all.”

Tom said he counts on Crimson Cup to provide products that will make the best coffee drinks around at a reasonable cost. “They’ve made a lot of changes during the last 19 years, but I just stick with their recommendations, and I have never been disappointed,” he said.

Thinking about opening your own coffee shop? Tom offered this advice:

“Make the coffee shop your full-time job. Believe in yourself and your business plan.”

“Especially in your first year, consistency is king. Put personal flair on the back burner and prioritize a standard approach to preparing drinks. It ensures every cup is as memorable as the last. Imagine running your coffee shop like a franchise – everything is done a certain way every single time!”

Jenni said she thought the independence of being her own boss would be the best part of owning a coffee shop. “But it really has been getting to know so many customers.”

The Wenders invite everyone in Dickinson County and the Michigan Upper Peninsula to pick up an exceptional latte, mocha or other beverage at Edelweiss Coffee. The shop at 201 Ridge View in Iron Mountain is open 7 days a week. To learn more, visit the shop’s website.

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Founded in 1991, Crimson Cup is at the forefront of the coffee industry. Its attentive roasting, startup support and global partnerships are consciously designed for the greater good of communities worldwide. Among other significant recognitions, the company has earned 2023 Double Gold awards at the Aurora International Taste Challenge, 2020 and 2017 Good Food Awards, the 2019 Golden Bean Champion for Small Franchise/Chain Roaster and Roast magazine’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year.

Crimson Cup travels the world searching for the perfect cup – driven by meaningful relationships, honesty and a shared vision for the future. Its Friend2Farmer initiatives foster respect and decency through mutually beneficial collaboration across local and global communities.

Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program, the company teaches entrepreneurs to run independent coffee houses in their local communities. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into coffee shop startup costs.

Crimson Cup coffee is available through over 300 independent coffee houses, grocers, colleges and universities, restaurants and food service operations across more than 30 states, Guam and Bangladesh. The company also owns five Crimson Cup Coffee Houses and the CRIMSON café and retail store in Easton Town Center. To learn more, visit

Media Contact
Cheryl Claypoole, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea, 614-361-5023,,


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SOURCE Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

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Cox Enterprises returns as VIP Sponsor for the Women In Technology’s 2023 Women of the Year in S.T.E.A.M Awards Gala




Women in Technology (WIT) today announced the VIP Sponsor for its Women of the Year Awards Gala to be held on Friday, October 13th at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

ATLANTA, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — With more than 350,000 people within the Women in Technology (WIT) community, WIT is the largest non-profit organization committed to empowering and educating women and girls about opportunities in science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (S.T.E.A.M) in Georgia. The WIT Awards Gala celebrates female visionaries of S.T.E.A.M, groundbreakers in business and remarkable leaders who make a difference in their workplace and community.

“The work of Women In Technology aligns perfectly with Cox’s goal to empower 34 million people to live more prosperous lives by 2034, and we’re thrilled to celebrate these visionary women and girls as they continue to make a profound impact on our communities.” Maury Wolfe, Cox Enterprises

This is Cox Enterprises’ fifth year as the VIP Sponsor of the Women of the Year Awards.

“Cox is proud to join in this celebration of current and future leaders in STEAM,” said Maury Wolfe, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility and Social impact at Cox Enterprises. “The work of Women In Technology aligns perfectly with Cox’s goal to empower 34 million people to live more prosperous lives by 2034, and we’re thrilled to celebrate these visionary women and girls as they continue to make a profound impact on our communities.”

In speaking about Cox Enterprises dedication to WIT, Penny Collins, WIT President and CEO said, “Our partnership with Cox Enterprises is impactful. They are a company focused on being an employer of choice for women which speaks straight to our values. We are grateful to have this organization as a major sponsor once more,” said Penny Collins, WIT President and CEO.

Women in Technology’s (WIT) 24th Annual Women of the Year Awards will be held on October 13th at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia with more than 1,000 technologists in attendance.

The Women of the Year Awards in S.T.E.A.M Gala gathers top Georgia companies at the forefront of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) industries to recognize and announce the Women of the Year – women who demonstrate leadership and vision in business and who make a difference in our community. Additionally, we celebrate a special high school girl as the Girl of The Year, a WIT College Club with our Campus Club of the Year Award, and a single mother with our Single Mother of The Year Award.

The WIT Awards Gala will start with a VIP Reception from 5:00pm – 7:00pm and program from 7:45 – 9:00pm where all winners of each category will be announced.

Interested in becoming a sponsor of the WIT Awards Gala? Sponsorship opportunities are available for purchase online, visit:

Available sponsorship opportunities include:
Table Sponsor: $5,000 and more!
*Only a few exclusive sponsorship opportunities remain!
Individual and VIP Tickets to attend the event are available for purchase onsite.

For questions about sponsorship, contact Kyle Ross at or by phone at 470-222-8413. More information can be found at:

About Cox Enterprises
Cox Enterprises is dedicated to building a better future through our leading communications, automotive and media companies. Our major operating subsidiaries include Cox Communications and Cox Automotive, and we are strategically investing in new industries and emerging technologies, with sizeable interests in clean technology and health care. Headquartered in‥Atlanta, Georgia, Cox is a global company with‥$20 billion‥in annual revenues and brands that include Autotrader,‥Kelley Blue Book‥and Cox Homelife. Founded in 1898 by‥Ohio‥Governor‥James M. Cox, the company is a family-owned business committed to its people, communities and planet. To learn more about Cox, visit

About Women In Technology (WIT)
Women In Technology (WIT) empowers girls and women to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, The Arts, and Math (STEAM) from the classroom to the boardroom. We do this by providing female students in middle school, high school, and college with education, exposure and experience. By sharing the stories of successful professionals across the STEAM fields, we encourage all generations of girls and women to write their future. Today, WIT has over 20,000 members in Georgia, 48,000 members worldwide and our team of more than 250 volunteers deliver professional development and networking opportunities to each of our professionals and programs at no charge to more than 4,000 students. WIT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and we are committed to making Georgia the state with the highest percentage of women in the STEAM workforce by partnering with our community to provide opportunities that champion women throughout their education and career.

Media Contact

Paula Bolton, Women In Technology, 7703774539,,

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