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Plenty of Fish Finds Singles Embracing Their Cringe



Nearly 3 in 4 Believe Authenticity Will Lead to Their Perfect Cringe Counterparts

VANCOUVER, BC, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — New insights from dating app Plenty of Fish reveal that 74% of Gen Z and millennial singles agree that embracing their cringe will help them find their cringe counterpart, indicating that when it comes to dating, singles are feeling more comfortable being upfront about who they really are – with less fear of judgment.

With nearly 50 billion collective views on TikTok to date, conversations around #cringe culture are sweeping the nation. As a result, singles are becoming increasingly confident in being their authentic selves – and they’re looking for a partner who will do the same. Given “cringe” is a subjective concept, that could mean singles are passionate about a particular fandom, they enjoy niche sport or hobby, or it could even mean they revel in being “basic,” but either way, nearly half (47%) consider themselves to be more cringe than cool and 73% agree that being true to themselves is an important step in getting to know a potential partner.

To build on this movement and help singles date better, Plenty of Fish commissioned a survey conducted by OnePoll, exploring what modern singles consider cringe when it comes to dating.

“In a world where so many people feel pressure to present an ultra-manicured version of themselves, we applaud singles saying yes to being more real,”  said Eva Gallagher, Public Relations Manager at Plenty of Fish. “We’re all about encouraging people to show up as their true selves – especially when it comes to dating. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our own way, so let’s embrace the real us – the wonderful, awkward and sometimes cringey parts that make each of us unique.”

Authenticity Advances Connection and Confidence
With more than seven in ten (73%) sharing that they aren’t afraid to reveal things about themselves that might be considered cringe on a first date, it’s clear singles are eager to share who they really are with potential partners sooner rather than later.

Authenticity is appealing to online daters, too. With 74% of singles claiming to be more likely to message someone on a dating app who appears to be as cringey as they are, whether through interests or hobbies listed on profiles, being open and honest on dating apps will increase opportunities for interesting conversation among potential partners.

This increased transparency could also help an early connection strengthen: nearly three-quarters (74%) agree it’s attractive when dates share the things they nerd out about — whether it’s a personal passion or a specific, niche hobby.

Additionally, while 68% of singles claim they usually feel confident about themselves before a first date, 73% say they’d feel more confident ahead of a first date if cringes were shared ahead of time, (for example, unique fandoms or quirky interests), demonstrating a desire for a more low-pressure dating experience.

Creating Context Around Cringe
Despite the subjectivity of cringe as a concept, survey findings show that there are some things – particularly when it comes to dating – that singles universally agree are no-nos, while other behaviors that were once seen as uncool are actually now appealing.

Across the board, singles agree that bad manners are considered cringe while dating – and not in a good way. Nearly 3 in 4 (71%) millennials and over half (56%) of Gen Z consider talking about “the good old days,” including accomplishments or achievements from a long time ago to be cringey, and nearly two-thirds (65%) of singles view this as a dealbreaker on a date. Similarly, 56% of Gen Z feel that spending too much time on a phone is the most cringe thing someone could do on a date.

The behaviors that Gen Z and millennial singles once considered cringey when dating as teenagers, but now consider cool, include:

Talking about fandoms early on (55%)Being direct about dating intentions (51%)Not playing hard to get (46%)

Additionally, although 54% of singles say they were interested in things that were considered cringey as teenagers and they kept those things hidden from others, 86% say they are more open about their passion or interest in those same things now, proving a major shift in mindset when it comes to being unapologetically who they are as they get to know potential partners.

Survey Methodology
In a study commissioned by Plenty of Fish, 2,000 single or casually dating Gen Z and millennial Americans were polled in August 2023 by OnePoll.

About Plenty of Fish
Plenty of Fish is a dating app for singles who believe in a more laid-back approach to dating, one where they get to know the heart of someone. Our mission is to connect the most singles by building low-pressure experiences where the right people take notice. Unlike many dating offerings today, Plenty of Fish prioritizes creating an authentic, welcoming environment that allows real singles to discover what they’re looking for – and simply date better! Plenty of Fish was the first dating app to ban “face filters” in all profile pics, and the first Match Group dating app to introduce live streaming. Plenty of Fish is a Match Group (NASDAQ: MTCH) company, and is one of the largest global online dating companies, available in 11 languages and more than 20 countries.

Download Plenty of Fish today, check out the latest dating trends and advice on the Plenty of Fish blog and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and Facebook.

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MG Sites Unveils New Affordable Website Solutions for the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry



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TAMPA, Fla., June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ —, a leading provider of affordable web design services, is excited to announce the launch of its new affordable website options tailored specifically for the outdoor power equipment industry. In partnership with premier marketing agencies Mediagistic and PrecisionLocal, this initiative aims to empower businesses in this sector with high-quality, cost-effective online presence solutions to enhance their visibility and drive growth.

The outdoor power equipment industry, known for its specialized products and services, requires websites that not only showcase a business’s offerings, but also provide a seamless user experience for the consumer.

The outdoor power equipment industry, known for its specialized products and services, requires websites that not only showcase a business’s offerings, but also provide a seamless user experience for the consumer. MGSites has recognized this need and developed a suite of website packages designed to meet the unique demands of this industry. These packages offer a range of features including:

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MGSites’ new website options are now available and can be customized to suit the specific requirements of any outdoor power equipment business, whether they are small local shops or larger, established companies. This initiative is part of MGSites’ ongoing commitment to supporting industries with tailored digital solutions that drive success.

For more information about MGSites and its new affordable website options for the outdoor power equipment industry, please visit or contact

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Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association Organizes Steering Committee To Propose Disclosure Framework for Digital Asset Tokens




Leading digital asset trade association selects esteemed scholars and legal professionals to recommend a set of disclosure guidelines for certain digital asset tokens to advance the maturity and adoption of the blockchain industry.

CHICAGO, June 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association (Global DCA), a leading trade association for the digital asset and cryptocurrency industry, in collaboration with Global Blockchain Business Council, The Digital Chamber, and The Proof of Stake Alliance, has organized a Steering Committee to propose disclosure guidelines for digital asset tokens offered in the United States.

The Global DCA Steering Committee announces that the following distinguished scholars and senior legal professionals have agreed to volunteer in the public interest as members of the Steering Committee:

Chris Brummer, Professor of Law, Georgetown University, and Faculty Director of Georgetown’s Institute of International Economic Law
Lewis R. Cohen, Partner, Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Patrick Daugherty, Partner and Head of Digital Assets Practice, Foley & Lardner LLP, Adjunct Professor of Law at Cornell and Northwestern
Daniel Davis, Partner and Co-Chair, Financial Markets Regulation, Katten, Muchin Rosenman LLP, former General Counsel, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Zachary O. Fallon, Partner, Ketsal PLLC
Merrit B. Fox, Professor of Law & Director of the Program in Law and Economics of Capital Markets, Columbia Law School
Carol Goforth, Distinguished Professor of Law, University of Arkansas School of Law
Yuliya Guseva, Professor of Law, Rutgers Law School
Joel Hasbrouck, Kenneth G. Langone Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business
Lilya Tessler, Partner & Head of FinTech and Blockchain Group, Sidley Austin LLP
Yesha Yadav, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

The Steering Committee is composed of top law and finance scholars across the United States, along with U.S. attorneys leading in the field of blockchain, digital assets and Web3. The Committee was designed independently of industry stakeholders to provide an objective and impartial disclosure proposal.  The Steering Committee is to be advised by the Advisory Group composed of key industry stakeholders.

“Investors, and responsible entrepreneurs, thrive most when there are clear, fit-for-purpose guidelines with which companies can communicate with their stakeholders. This superbly talented group is part of a larger research effort moving the conversation–and policy–towards that goal” said Chris Brummer, Professor of Law at Georgetown and member of the Steering Committee.

“The Global DCA recognizes the fundamental need with respect to a disclosure framework for digital asset tokens offered in the United States.  This is why I am so excited to announce such a strong engagement and industry collaboration on this effort bringing together the brightest minds and veteran experts in our capital markets and the financial system to propose disclosure guidelines for digital asset tokens. This initiative is designed to serve as a fundamental tool for this up-and-coming industry to emerge as a much stronger contributor in the global financial system,” said Renata Szkoda, the Chair of Global Digital Asset & Cryptocurrency Association.

About Global Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Association

The Global DCA is a global trade association for the digital asset & cryptocurrency industry. It was established to guide the evolution of digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and the underlying blockchain technology within a regulatory framework designed to build public trust, foster market integrity, and maximize economic opportunity for all participants.

For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Christina Sciotto

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