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QuintessenceLabs Appoints Andrew (Andy) Penn AO as Special Adviser



Expands global advisory team to further market leadership in enabling advanced encryption

CANBERRA, Australia and SAN JOSE, Calif., Feb. 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — QuintessenceLabs, a pioneer and leader in enterprise-scale encryption orchestration, is proud to announce today that highly respected industry veteran Andy Penn has joined the company’s global advisory team as Special Adviser. The addition of Mr Penn, alongside other appointments, brings heightened expertise that will contribute to furthering our market leadership in the increasingly critical domain of advanced encryption solutions.

Andy has had an extensive career spanning over four decades across three industries – telecommunications and technology, financial services, and shipping. He was formerly the CEO of Telstra and before that the CEO of AXA Asia Pacific Holdings. He was also Chairman of the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Expert Advisory Board and a member of the Expert Advisory Panel for the Victorian State Electricity Commission.

“We are delighted to have the benefit of Andy’s deep experience and expertise from his many years leading two of Australia’s largest companies and his extensive Government policy work,” said QuintessenceLabs Founder and CEO, Dr Vikram Sharma. “Andy has deep experience in critical technologies and cybersecurity and in applying this practically both across business and government agencies and his insights will further our mission to enable advanced encryption capabilities, including quantum-resilient solutions, for our customers.”

Andy is a Member of the Advisory Board of REDSPICE a major program of the Australian Signal’s Directorate (ASD) to expand the range and sophistication of Australia’s intelligence, offensive and defensive cyber capabilities, a Member of the Quad Investors Network of the American Frontier Fund, and a Member of the Council of Trustees of the National Gallery of Victoria.  He is also a non-executive Director and Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee of the Coles Group.

“I am very pleased to be supporting the QuintessenceLabs team as they have developed unique capabilities in quantum key generation, crypto-agile key management, and quantum key distribution,” said Penn. “Encryption is a key resource in managing and mitigating the cybersecurity risks that we face as individuals, companies, and nations.”  

“Existing approaches to encryption management are becoming increasingly vulnerable as the technologies available to malicious actors become more sophisticated and powerful and quantum will take this to a whole new level. From all my work in cybersecurity, it is clear that encryption management has fallen way behind where it needs to be and we need to act urgently. QuintessenceLabs is at the forefront of helping solve this problem,” said Penn.

Also joining the QuintessenceLabs team as US Federal Adviser, is Bob Gourley, co-founder of OODA LLC. Bob is a seasoned enterprise technologist with expertise in cybersecurity, corporate governance, and strategy, having held leadership roles in U.S. defense and intelligence, including as former CTO for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

At OODA LLC, Bob leverages a global network to promote the use of advanced technologies in enterprises. Gourley, with significant experience as both a client and consultant, will guide QuintessenceLabs in building key strategic partnerships in North America.

Leading experts agree that enterprise-scale encryption is one of the critical pillars of a robust cybersecurity strategy for most organizations. QuintessenceLabs is primed to deliver global leadership in supporting customers to implement enterprise-scale encryption and achieve a quantum-resilient cybersecurity posture in a complex cyber threat environment. These appointments affirm our commitment to excellence and reflect our dedication to assembling a team of industry leaders and visionaries.

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About QuintessenceLabs

QuintessenceLabs is a global leader in post-quantum cybersecurity. The company offers a suite of solutions and services ranging from qStream, the world’s fastest quantum random number generator to qOptica a continuously variable quantum key distribution system which are underpinned by the Trusted Security Foundation (TSF), the industry’s most secure encryption key management platform. The company is currently working with governments and organizations worldwide to secure sensitive information today and into a post-quantum computing future. For more information, visit or connect on LinkedIn.

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Walden Group, one of the main players in European healthcare logistics, officially enters the Italian market




The group’s goal is to position itself as a key player in the Italian market and continue to strengthen the offer of logistics solutions for its customers throughout Europe

MILAN and PARIS, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Walden Group, one of the main players in the area of healthcare logistics in Europe, officially enters the Italian market after  the acquisition of the two Italian companies XCM Healthcare, a healthcare logistics company, and Unitex, a temperature-controlled last-mile network dedicated to the healthcare sector, belonging to the Marzano family, founder of the Farmacia S. Caterina group, and CEO Gaetano Colella.



With a 2.4% share of the global market in terms of drug consumption, Italy has always been a focus of Walden; the high level of expertise in the field of R&D, especially in the biotech sector, are among the main reasons that convinced the group in this decision. As a major player in the pharmaceutical supply chain and a provider of distribution solutions, the acquisitions have proven to be essential to enter the Italian market.

In addition, Italy is the third European country where the group will expand its operations within a year, following the recent extensions of transport activities in Romania and Germany. The group has significant ambitions for the future, with further projects already in the planning stages.

“I am thrilled to announce what we have achieved together; we share the same values and entrepreneurial mindset with the Marzano family and the CEO Gaetano Colella. This was certainly a key element in the decision to merge our companies,” says Stéphane Baudry, President of the Walden Group.

In recent years, the Marzano family and the CEO Gaetano Colella have developed Unitex, a robust transportation network organized around two main hubs strategically located in the north (Milan) and south (Naples) Italy, to offer comprehensive national coverage through a consolidated network of twenty-four regional depots.

The network will be incorporated into Eurotranspharma, Walden’s subsidiary specializing in last-mile pharmaceutical solutions, which makes daily deliveries to pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and other healthcare providers in nine countries. Thanks to the new acquisition, Eurotranspharma will extend its presence to ten European countries to provide an extensive and reliable service to all its customers.

Eurotranspharma will introduce its services to the Italian market while maintaining high quality standards and impeccable distribution practices. This will be supported by Walden Digital’s sophisticated IT systems, specifically dedicated to the healthcare sector, which enable the complete traceability of crucial healthcare products at every stage of the supply chain.

In parallel, XCM Healthcare has developed a promising healthcare logistics business that will be enhanced by integration within Movianto, Walden’s core healthcare logistics solution, which is already present in twelve European countries.

Movianto provides complete solutions for supply chain management, ensuring a reliable transfer of products from the manufacturer to the patient. Its expertise extends particularly to sensitive healthcare products such as biotechnology, vaccines and in vitro diagnostics. In addition to logistics management, the company offers high value-added services, such as order and collection management and laboratories dedicated to quality control. These services cover the entire supply chain, allowing manufacturers to focus solely on their core business.

“The recently completed acquisition marks the first step in our development in Italy. We are excited to collaborate with the Unitex and XCM teams to start the implementation of Eurotranspharma and Movianto solutions in Italy. I’m confident that we will achieve outstanding results, considering the expertise of the Unitex and XCM teams, combined with our international presence in Europe, which contributes to a deep understanding of the global market and experience in different business management models.”

“Of course, continuing to expand our presence in Europe is a priority, but we are a flexible organization and always ready to seize opportunities. Therefore, we are ready to grow wherever we can bring value to our customers and new healthcare markets, expanding beyond Europe,” concludes Baudry.

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For press enquiries
Laure Murat

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GeeTest Introduces Device Fingerprinting, a front-line defence mechanism that effectively combats evolving cyber threats




WUHAN, China, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GeeTest, a leader in innovative bot management solutions, proudly presents its latest offering – GeeTest Device Fingerprinting. The advanced cybersecurity solution designed to fortify online platforms against evolving digital threats. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge technology, it intelligently identifies and tracks devices, providing a robust defense mechanism against malicious activities. Existing security measures often struggle to identify and prevent malicious activities originating from seemingly legitimate devices. GeeTest Device Fingerprinting steps in as a proactive and advanced solution to bridge this gap.

Embrace the future of security with GeeTest Device Fingerprinting – where innovation meets protection. Elevate your risk management strategy with our advanced solution that not only identifies risks but adapts to the evolving landscape of digital threats. GeeTest Device Fingerprinting provides the following 5 key features.

1. Risk Labels

Monitor traffic credibility from both behavioral and device dimensions, providing up to 34 black industry risk labels for reference. It facilitates the identification of devices with similar risk labels, offering optimization references for your security and business strategies.

2. Relation Map

By identifying connections among risky traffic, automating the organization of risk details, frequency information, and associated data for high-risk devices, this process provides data references for business departments.

3. Application Management

You can add as many applications as you need. Each application’s data is distinguished through unique IDs and keys, facilitating secure data analysis for different modules of the business.

4. Access Control

According to your needs, you can manually add blacklists or whitelists to facilitate the management of access permissions to specific objects or resources.

5. Data Studio

Our Device Fingerprinting product includes a robust Data Studio feature, offering users an intuitive analytics dashboard for comprehensive insights. It enables informed decisions, pattern detection, and effective security strategy optimization.

GeeTest Device Fingerprinting leverages cutting-edge technologies such as Triple-Dimensional Review Technology, GCN Knowledge Graph, and Weak Feature Identification Technology. These technologies ensure comprehensive device identification and analysis while prioritizing user privacy. To learn more about key technologies at play you can download the product brochure of GeeTest Device Fingerprinting by clicking here.

In the fast-paced digital landscape, GeeTest’s Device Fingerprinting emerges as a beacon of defense. By intelligently identifying and tracking devices, it offers a robust defense mechanism against a multitude of threats faced by industries today.

For more about GeeTest, follow the company on LinkedIn.

About GeeTest:

GeeTest, a CAPTCHA and bot management provider, protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated bot-driven attacks, like ATO, credential stuffing, web scalping, etc. GeeTest has been developing human-bot verification technology since 2012. Now it processes 2.9 billion CAPTCHA requests daily and serves 320,000+ companies in sectors like blockchain, online games, e-commerce, etc. In November 2021 GeeTest was recognized as a selected vendor in Forrester’s Now Tech: Bot Management, Q4 2021. In Aug 2023, GeeTest CAPTCHA Awarded 2023 Best Ease of Use and Best Value Badges by Capterra.

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Toray ACS Exhibits at Texprocess in Frankfurt, Germany




European Debut of Integrated 2D/3D Fashion CAD Software “CREACOMPO®GLOBAL”

TOKYO, March 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Toray Advanced Computer Solution, Inc. (hereinafter “Toray ACS”) will be exhibiting at Texprocess, held at Messe Frankfurt from April 23rd to 26th, 2024.

Under our purpose “Uplifting the fashion industry, with our love for fashion creation and the power of IT.”, we are proud to offer cutting-edge CAD software to customers worldwide, boasting the No. 1 market share for 2D pattern making software in Japan.

At the exhibition, we will introduce the innovative 2D/3D integrated fashion CAD software “CREACOMPO®GLOBAL”, which revolutionizes our customers’ work efficiency.

CREACOMPO GLOBAL enables advanced 2D pattern making and accurate 3D simulations through simple operations, even without the need for CG skills or high-spec professional PCs.

You can find us at booth No. C65 in Exhibition Hall 8.0.

We look forward to your visit.

How to get there:

For more information about CREACOMPO GLOBAL, please visit

Company information:
Location: 1-1-3, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President: Kouichirou Ikeda

Company website:   

Note: CREACOMPO is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Toray Advanced Computer Solution, Inc. in Japan and/or other countries.

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